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Well-being and Resiliency Resources

The Graduate Medical Education department is dedicated to ensuring that residents, fellows and dentists maintain their physical and mental well-being while they complete their training programs.

Residency and fellowship can be a stressful time as you pursue postgraduate education. We encourage you to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy the greatest benefit from your training experiences at Prisma Health.

Workforce well-being

The Prisma Health Workforce Well-being Team works to examine ways to help physicians and care teams navigate and thrive during the many changes and shifts in health care delivery. Rachel Brown, MD, medical director of Prevention and Wellness, and Stephanie John, LMFT, manager of Workforce Wellness, are leading this exciting movement within our system.

Rachel Brown, MD

Rachel Brown, MD

Wellness Medical Director
Stephanie A. John, MS, LMFT/S, LAC

Stephanie A. John, MS, LMFT/S, LAC

Employee Assistance Manager

The Workforce Well-being team recognizes the need to promote ways for physicians to attain greater satisfaction from their life’s work during this time of healthcare change because there is a direct correlation to patient quality, safety and patient-centered care. Therefore, residents, fellow physicians and dentists will be offered opportunities to acquire additional evidence-based resiliency tools and learn ways to decrease stress and bring joy and meaning to their practice of medicine and in their personal life.

Prisma Health knows the best way to take care of the community is to begin by taking care of its team members — in all the aspects of life that matter. Learn more about these important resources available to all residents and fellow physicians:


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP provides counseling, assessment, referral, and education services for Prisma Health employees and their families. Learn More About EAP