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Instructors, Staff and Scholars

As a part of onboarding, each instructor, staff and scholar must go through Prisma Health clearance. This ensures the safety of everyone at our academic health center.

Clearance Requirements

Each instructor, staff, and scholar is placed into a specific category based upon the type of work that will be completed and whether or not contact with patients will be a part of each role. These role names are necessary to complete the request for onboarding form, so please take note of the different types.

Nursing & Nursing Related Clinical Instructor

  • Instructor or staff from one of the following programs: nursing, surgical technology, LPN, sterile processing, PCT
  • Responsible for either a clinical rotation or rounding on assigned students

Clinical Instructor (non-nursing)

  • Instructor or staff from a non-nursing or non-nursing-related program
  • Will accompany students on rotation

On-site Instructor/Staff/Scholar

  • An employee of a college/university/organization who will work, teach and/or conduct research on Prisma Health property

Virtual Scholar

  • Will conduct research from an off-site location only


Request for Clearance

To initiate Instructor, Staff or Scholar onboarding, please complete the Request for Clearance form.

Initiate Clearance