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Learning Hub - Instructions

Learning Hub is a learning management system (used by all Prisma Health employees, contract workers, students and volunteers) that provides you with important healthcare modules required to begin your faculty, staff or scholar role (HIPAA, infection control, patient rights, etc.). All assigned modules must be completed prior to your rotation start date. Due dates listed in Learning Hub are not relevant for students, faculty, staff or scholars.

Learning Hub works best using Google Chrome browser. Issues have been reported by users of Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Make sure you are using a desktop or laptop computer when trying to access and finish modules. Do not use a cellphone. Also, please disable any pop-up blocker that you have as this may cause issues with modules as they populate outside the original page. Please make sure to interact and click on every slide; a module will not complete if slides are skipped and will not advance to the next section until training has completed or timed out.

Prisma Health Student Affairs Administration will register you for Learning Hub. If you have any issues relating to logging in or completing modules, please email Student Affairs. DO NOT email LMS Help.

Learning Hub Website:
Username: Email address
Password: #Prismahealth24 (this is case sensitive)

UofSC School of Medicine Greenville students in the classes of 2022 – 2024 use their SMS numbers to log into Learning Hub.

Please note: You have a limited number of chances to pass the tests associated with the modules. You do, however, have the ability to view each test attempt to see which questions you missed prior to taking the test again. You may do this by selecting the dropdown arrow beside “Retake.” Select “Review” and then “View Training Details.”

Attention Undergraduate Nursing Students: If you were assigned the module "2022-23 NH Abbott Freestyle Precision Pro Initial Glucometer Training," you DO NOT have to complete the in-person competency demonstration. You may submit your transcript without it included.

If you will chart on patients, you will need Epic access

Epic is the electronic medical record (EMR) system used by Prisma Health. In order to gain access to this program, you must complete modules in Learning Hub. These modules will not automatically be assigned to your account; you must search for and self-assign them.

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Completing the compliance checklist:

  • Please enter the renewal date (one year past the date of curriculum completion) in the “New Value” box.
  • You will also need to upload your Learning Hub transcript to the “Supporting Documents” section.
    • To access your Learning Hub transcript, go to the left side of your Learning Hub home screen, and click the “View” link.
  • Once you are on your transcript page, click the “Active” button and change to “Completed.” Click the “Due Date” button and change to “Completion Date.”
  • Click the […] button at the top right and choose “Print Transcript” and then “Print to PDF” in order to capture all of the completed modules. Save your transcript and upload it to your mCE compliance checklist.

Please note, we prefer only 1 file to be uploaded for this item and will not accept more than 3 files submitted.