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Internships are an excellent opportunity to acquire a diverse range of skills, develop a professional network and set yourself apart from your classmates upon graduation. We offer a range of internship opportunities throughout the year for students enrolled in undergraduate or master’s degree programs. Students have interned with us in a variety of departments, and our departments have hosted students from a variety of degree-seeking programs.

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For Residency Internships, visit the GME page.

For onboarding information, visit the General Student Clearance page.

Additional Opportunities

Careers at Prisma Health

Students can search the Prisma Health Careers website by education level completed. As undergraduate students, you will likely want to search “high school and part-time” or “high school and PRN.”

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Volunteering at Prisma Health

Because students are placed as needed throughout the system, volunteering is an excellent way to acquire broad exposure to health care and healthcare administration.

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MedEx Program

The MedEx Academy equips students with the tools they need to make informed career decisions and prepare for the next step in their academic journey.

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EMT & Community Paramedic Program

The Division of Prehospital Medicine at Prisma Health offers the following courses: EMT, NAEMT, Refresher, Critical Care, Community Paramedic, and First Care Provider.

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CNA Certification Course

Greenville Tech offers a six-week Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program. The CNA program is a great opportunity for students seeking patient contact hours prior to applying to PA programs.

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Health Care Exploration

Prisma Health is committed to igniting students’ interests in health careers through exploratory opportunities. As opportunities develop, please check this page for a list of current programs.

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