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Internship Process

Department submits the request form

Prior to submitting the Intern Position Request Form, departments should be able to clearly express the internship as an opportunity to learn. What will the intern be able to do by the end of their internship? What will the intern have the chance to learn, practice, develop, etc.?

The host department will need to complete the Intern Position Request form. In most circumstances, the Intern Position Request form will only need to be submitted once. Each submitted application will remain on file.

Should you be interested in re-announcing the opportunity at a later date, we can make any necessary revisions prior to re-announcing your opportunity on the Internship Announcements page.

Within the Intern Position Request form, there are FIELDS IN ALL BOLD AND CAPS. Please note, these fields are visible to students and will ultimately impact their decision to apply.

Intern position is announced

If you have not already identified an intern, the internship opportunity will be listed on the Announcements page for students to review and apply to.

Students will be applying directly to your internship opportunity. Student applications will be e-mailed to the department and will include the student’s contact information, university/degree program information, references, and a link to the student’s resume. A cover letter, unofficial transcript, and letters of references can also be collected if the department wishes to include these as requirements.

Department selects an intern

The host department will receive all student applications and can interview candidates as you choose. Upon identifying an intern, selecting the “Initiate Clearance” icon within the student’s application will initiate the Prisma Health clearance process. Selecting “Cannot Accommodate” will encourage students to continue applying to Prisma Health internship opportunities, including re-applying to your opportunity at a later date.

Student completes Prisma Health clearance requirements

Once clearance is initiated, the student will be connected to Prisma Student Affairs. Clearance typically takes 3–5 weeks to complete. Once completed, the student will be directed to the Badge Office and redirected back to the host department to establish a start date and time. For additional information on the clearance process and requirements, please visit General Student Clearance.

Assess the internship

Upon completion of the internship, Student Affairs will e-mail evaluations to both the intern and supervisor.