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Internship Process – Prisma Health Departments

Internship process

In an effort to remain compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act, host departments will need to establish the following learning outcomes: What will the intern be able to do by the end of their internship? What will the intern have the chance to learn, practice, develop, etc?

This should be expressed as the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes.

  • Department submits the request form
  • Intern position is announced
  • Department selects an intern
  • Clearance is initiated

For additional information and guidance, please visit Internship Process.

Clearance process

Once you've selected a student intern, the student will be routed to Prisma Health Student Affairs for clearance. Clearance requirements include a background check, immunization check, and Learning Hub assignments. Students will need to successfully complete the clearance requirements prior to starting their internship. For an overview of the clearance process, visit the Prisma Student Affairs New Student site.

We ask that you do not connect your selected intern to the New Student site. We will do so upon creating the student's clearance profile.

Prisma Health ID badge

The Badge Office will prepare the student's photo ID badge 24–48 hours after the student has successfully completed the clearance process. Students will receive an automated e-mail with hours and directions to the Badge Office.

IT-related request

Unfortunately, Prisma Health Student Affairs does not have the necessary privileges to request user ID’s/access request on behalf of another department. Each department manager or their designee will need to submit requests through IS Service-Now.

Common requests include user IDs, Prisma Health email, RedCaps, and Epic View Only.

Internship stipends

Departments offering a stipend will need to contact to initiate that process. The intern will be added to Workday for payments to be released. Departments will work with compensation to set up the frequency and amount of each stipend release.   

Offering academic credit

Departments may develop internship opportunities that are or can be offered for credit. An internship that is offered “for credit” does not preclude students from applying to the internship opportunity for “no credit.” For the student to obtain credit, Prisma Health must have an established agreement with the student's college or university. To determine if we have an existing agreement or can establish an agreement, please email