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Step 3: Complete the Clearance Items

You may only begin your Prisma Health student experience once you have submitted your clearance documents and they have been approved by Student Affairs Administration. The duration of this process depends on how quickly you are able to gather the necessary information and whether or not you have to obtain additional immunizations or tests.

Please note, all documentation must be submitted in English. 

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Background and demographics

Immunizations and tests

Certifications and training

Submitting your compliance checklist

Once you have all your clearance items ready, be sure to click the Submit for Approval button at the top of your checklist.  Your compliance items are not visible to anyone other than yourself until you submit them. 

Please allow 24-48 business hours for your compliance items to be reviewed. Please note, clearance times may be extended during peak semester times or after holiday weekends.

Note: In your compliance checklist, you may see the following icons:

  • Green thumb up ()
    • A green thumb up indicates the item has been approved and is clear.
  • Red thumb down ()
    • A red thumb down can mean two things:
      1. You have not yet submitted the item for approval.
      2. The item is out of compliance.
  • Orange triangle ()
    • The item will expire during your rotation period.
      1. This item is not out of compliance until the renewal date listed on your compliance checklist.
      2. This item is not affecting your overall clearance.
      3. Common items affected include Flu, Learning Hub and BLS.