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Prisma Health Employees in non-team member roles

Current Prisma Health Employees who are also in student or other non-team member roles have the ability to bypass portions of the compliance checklist. 

Background Check & Immunizations

Prisma Health team members, who are rotating at Prisma Health for student rotations, are no longer required to complete attestation forms for myClinicalExchange (mCE). Team members will instead upload a screenshot of their Workday job page as documentation for the following clearance items:

Compliance ItemNew Value
Background checkDocumentation meets requirements
TB ScreeningTest(s) were negative for TB
MMRDocumentation meets requirements
InfluenzaEnter November 1 of the NEXT flu season (if today is 2/11/2023, enter 11/01/2023; if today is 12/11/2023, enter 11/01/2024)
Hepatitis BDocumentation meets requirements
VaricellaDocumentation meets requirements
COVID Vaccination/ ExemptionToday's date

Learning Hub

Employees in certain situations are not required to maintain a separate Learning Hub account for their student roles. Eligible Employees include:

  • Prisma Health clinical employees in Graduate Nursing programs
  • Prisma Health RNs in a BSN program
  • Prisma Health employees participating in shadowing, internship or research
  • Prisma Health employees in clinical roles who are NOT in undergraduate nursing programs (i.e., LPN, RN, ADN, BSN)

Instead, you will upload a copy of your current employee Learning Hub transcript into your mCE compliance checklist. You must complete all active curriculum including the current year’s Annual Compliance Training (ACT) modules prior to your rotation start-date. Please enter the renewal date (1 year after the last ACT module was completed) in the "New Value" box.

Other Items

All other items listed on your compliance checklist must be completed per the instructions on the General Student Clearance page. 

Please note, although you do not have to submit your COVID Vaccination/Exemption documentation, you do have to select the appropriate COVID-19 Vaccination Status from the new value dropdown.