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Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Greenville - Chief Resident Message

Welcome to the Prisma Health Med Peds program!

My name is Abbey Stoker and I am a PGY-4 at Prisma Health. I have the privilege of serving as the 2023-2024 Med Peds chief resident. I am grateful you are taking the time to consider our program. It is a special place and has had a significant impact on my life both personally and professionally.

One of the things that stood out to me most about Prisma Health Med Peds is the culture of our group. I attended medical school in Greenville and first heard of Med Peds as a specialty from Prisma Health Med Peds residents I worked with. I found them noticeably authentic, warm, thoughtful, intelligent, and flexible. I very much wanted to work with them, but felt it was in my professional best interest to consider other residency programs thoroughly on the interview trail. What a privilege that, for Med Peds as a specialty, we have a great community nationwide with numerous excellent training programs. However, I left my interview season knowing that the program in Greenville is a gem. What sets our program apart is a unique combination of diversity and inclusivity.

Each year I have been a resident here, a new group of interns has joined our program with five very unique backgrounds, life experiences, perspectives, passions, professional interests and personal hobbies. Yet despite our differences, we are a tight knit group. We do not enjoy each other because we are all the same person, but rather because we are a family. It is hard to get us to leave our weekly med peds conference, and as someone once said about our program – “Med Peds is like a hug.” At the risk of sounding too sappy – our program reminds me of a well-crafted quilt, with all different colors and fabrics. The sum of all our differences makes us together more beautiful and useful as we sharpen one another with the tool of alternative perspective. It catches my eye sometimes when we are all in a group, just how much joy wells up when we are together, and yet how unlikely it would be that some of us would have crossed paths outside of work. I know this culture did not just happen overnight, but has been intentionally valued and emphasized. I appreciate that it extends to our categorical programs as well, where we also are welcomed and valued.

Beyond this culture, which is our greatest strength, the training we receive is excellent. Our hospital system is large enough that we see a vast array of pathology with opportunities to work with many subspecialties, but small enough that we get to know our attendings and consultants well and experience graduated autonomy as we move through residency. As someone who did not have clear direction on a specific career goal at the beginning of residency, I was pleased to train at a program where graduates frequently pursue primary care, hospitalist, or fellowship positions in evenly distributed amounts. I am also thankful for our leadership who is genuine, supportive, and approachable. They are each so easy to talk to, always have our backs and are valuable role models personally and professionally.

Beyond the hospital, Greenville is a delightful place to live. There is plenty to do outside of work, whether you enjoy walking around the easily accessible downtown area, biking down the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a hike in the foothills or nearby mountains, exploring the art scene or trying some delicious food. The community here is wonderful and it is our treasure to get to care for our neighbors who make up a diverse population with many different backgrounds.

It has been a gift to get to spend the last three years here. There is so much more I could say about this wonderful program. Please reach out if you have more questions. We would love to meet you! Thank you again for taking the time to consider Prisma Health Med Peds!

Abigail Stoker, MD

Abigail Stoker, MD

Hometown: Chapin, SC

Undergraduate: Clemson University, B.S. in Biological Sciences
Medical School: University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville